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On these pages, you'll find some of the best bed & breakfast places for backpackers in Chile. Besides our own hostels, the LaChakana in Putre, the Casa Chueca in Talca , the La Tetera in Pucón and our Lamalodge in the Melado Valley we list other hostels in all Chile.

Here is some general advice about lodging in Chile.

From fancy hotels to simple hostels, you will find a range of accomodation in all major cities and the vacation areas. In recent years, new hotels and bungalow complexes have been built in remote areas and in National Parks. The latter - so-called cabañas - are fully equipped small buildings incl. kitchenette, a cheaper alternative for families than hotels.


The price-performance ratio can vary considerably among hotels (hotel, hostería). There is no general classification system, and claims to so many stars do not say anything about the quality of a place. When making one's selection, it's always a good idea to look at size and location of a room, private bathroom (baño privado), necessities (TV, phone), and service. Breakfast is usually included, but it's only worth mentioning when it's designated as desayuno americano or buffet. In high season (December to February), prices for medium and top hotels can be compared to European ones (starting at about USD 40.00 for a medium category single). Single rooms are usually not much cheaper than a double.


Simple hostels (residencial, hostal, hostería, casa de familia) offer cheap accommodation, but you will have to make allowances when it comes to creature comforts. The closer to the bus station, the simpler the room, and the more questionable its cleanliness. There are very few youth hostels, and they are only open in mid-Summer (January/February).


Those travelling by car will find many motels along the Panamericana where guests usually stay in small bungalows. This discrete arrangement is not surprising given that these hotels are socially acceptable, sometimes quite fancy, locations for undisturbed sexual encounters, which often also function as normal hotels outside the big cities. They are still safe, acceptable places to stay.

Reservations & Taxes

Room reservations are only necessary during high season and in tourist areas. Starting from medium category up, you can use a credit card for paying. International tourists need not pay value-added (sales) tax (18%) when paying in USD (cash or travellers cheques), but this discount is not always applied automatically.